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The EMS Accounting System has been providing professional, accurate, efficient and easy-to-use ambulance billing solutions for over 20 years. Over that time our product has evolved into a comprehensive ambulance billing and claims submission package that rivals any software on the market. Serving hundreds of customers spread across 43 states attests to the quality and capabilities of the progam.

One of the toughest challenges today is dealing with fast-changing regulatory requirements in the Healthcare Industry.

HIPAA mandates and Medicare changes have driven many services into outsourcing their billing with the associated loss of revenue. Other services have managed to keep their billing in-house, but are faced with using multiple products and costly redundant data entry to accomplish the task.

The EMS Accounting System solves both issues by combining a comprehensive billing and accounts receivable package with guided insurance claim preparation and submission. The program was built with the vision that data entry would be performed by response staff or a department secretary as opposed to a professional biller.

To accomplish this vision, the program steps the user through collecting the information needed for successful claim submission. The program ships with customized code sets that are presented in an easy-to-use manner eliminating the need for massive code sets and coding expertise.

Once the data has been entered, the program can print a private-pay invoice or a CMS 1500 claim form. In addition, the program can send the claims electronically to all Medicare carriers and over 2000 Medicaid and commercial carriers. The choice of printing or sending electronically is selected by the user on a carrier-by-carrier basis.

Electronic claim submission is performed directly from the program utilizing the EAC Submissions Clearinghouse. EAC Submissions specializes in ambulance claims and is fully integrated with The EMS Accounting System.

EAC Submissions performs front-end edits specific to ambulance claims and generates an email to the user with the result of the edits. Any claim that fails the edit will be noted along with the correction that needs to be made and the user merely makes the correction and resubmits the claim. There is no charge for any claim that fails the front-end edits. Claims that pass the edits and are sent on to their carriers are charged at 30 cents per claim.

The integration of The EMS Accounting System and the EAC Submissions Clearinghouse insures that claims that are sent to the carriers are properly formatted according to the requirements for that carrier and should not be rejected for issues other than insurance coverage for the patient.

No matter what size service you are, The EMS Accounting System makes ambulance billing a snap. By combining the ease and efficiency of The EMS Accounting System with the power of the EAC Submissions Clearinghouse, we have provided an excellent alternative to outsourcing ambulance billing. Why spend the time collecting information for a billing service, when you can take that information, easily perform your own billing, and keep your revenue in-house?

Why choose The EMS Accounting System?

  • Outstanding features
  • Efficient and easy-to-use
  • Affordable
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Easy enough to keep your billing and revenue in-house

How can I check it out?

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